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Big Daddy
PostPosted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 7:27 pm  Reply with quote

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Father Merrin wrote:
Big Daddy wrote:
Peter wrote:
Big Daddy wrote:
yeah! it´s real!

once i had this "close encounter" with a corpse while climbing a mountain near my hometown. eeek, it was quite disgusting...

and it was at least one week laying there!
sorry, no more details, or i will ruin your tasty tea again! jejejeje Wink Razz

Yes, I remember that fact. And the pic from that newspaper you posted once... disgusting... :caca:

jajaja! yeah! that´s the one!

I missed that story but as awful stories go a friends mum was a cleaner for doctor who went to help a boy who had fallen out of a window onto railings, the doctor took his pulse on the neck and the head came away, apparently the doctor as far as I know never went back to work!

Surprised Surprised
uh, oh!
awful indeed!
Surprised Surprised

Damn!, i can not find the story i posted here, but you can find it in the next link. It is from my own blog:


The story and photos are almost at the bottom of the scroll, sorry Father is totally in spanish, but despite the translation, you will see a zombie taking a sun tan... jajajajajaja! Wink please, watch it without the tea cup!...

jejejeje! Razz
It ain´t over ´til it´s OVER!
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Father Merrin
PostPosted: Tue Apr 29, 2008 2:37 pm  Reply with quote
Helicopter Pilot
Helicopter Pilot

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My translator in my Google task bar translated everything but from the picture of the dried out corpse on!!

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